Lending Policy

Our client’s wellness is our top priority. We do our best to ensure that you’ll have an access to new healthcare opportunities without being tied up to your past. СreditCareApp is always here for you and is ready to help with any emergency connected with medical bills and stability of your future.

Our Principles

For us the word “healthy” is not an empty promise. We apply it both to your condition and to our principles. Our Lending Policy stands on four pillars: clarity, transparency, law-obedience and accessibility.

  • Clarity

    Our team worked hard to gather relevant and useful information about the online lending industry. The data we сollected is presented in a simple, understandable form. We don’t play mind games. We give answers.

  • Transparency

    We take you and your health seriously. We strive to earn your trust. And we aren’t going to risk losing it. This platform was created for giving users an opportunity to make financial decisions in a transparent way, and we stand by this mission.

  • Law-obedience

    CreditCare promotes good lending practices and ensures that lenders in the network abide by federal laws and state regulations like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Lending Act and the Truth In Lending Act.

  • Accessibility

    CreditCare is easy to use in every sense of the word. Our application form will take only a couple of minutes for you to fill in. And our lenders are ready to consider a loan request from people with different credit scores.

  • Different states have different regulations regarding short terms and online personal loans. Our lenders comply with these regulations.

  • Since we aren’t lenders, we won’t make any attempt to collect a debt from you. Lenders from our network have the right to call on you to pay the debt using legal means only.

If you feel that a lender doesn’t follow one of the laws mentioned above, contact us. The violator will be removed from our network and reported to law enforcement.