Privacy Policy

CreditCare (hereinafter to as the "Company",) is dedicated to protection of its customers’ personal data. To assure you on its devotion towards security of your personal information used on the website, this privacy policy was established.

We recognize, respect and value your rights as well as understand the importance of your privacy. To give personal details the best protection, we use only those data collection tools that guarantee transparency and responsible attitude.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that only the residents of the United States of America over 18 years old fall under the terms of the Privacy Policy. The service of the Company is aimed at the US residents only. This Privacy Policy was elaborated in full compliance with the laws of the United States.

If you choose to sign in for the website, you acknowledge your awareness of the facts of collecting, using and transmitting your data according to the terms of this Privacy Policy. In case you don’t agree with the practices of the Company, don’t sign in, perform any transaction or give us your personal information. If you don’t understand the rules of the Privacy Policy, don’t register. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us via email or other contact details we provide on the website.

In case you want to remove your personal details from our website, contact us via email.

  1. What Data We Collect

    When you start using the Company’s website, you provide the information which the Company collects and uses in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The information you provide is called personally identifiable information ("PII"). By submitting this information to the Company’s website, you agree that you do this willingly for the purpose of using the service of the Company. PII includes but is not limited to the following: your first and last names, the date of birth and contact details (phone, mail and home addresses, zip, email address, social security number, bank account, financial and employment information, driver’s license number (all together hereinafter referred to as "PII")). We don't share your bank details and social security number with anyone unless it’s necessary to perform the service of the Company or required by the law.
    We may also collect your non-personally identifiable information ("NPII"). NPII is gathered when you are browsing the pages of the Company’s website. We collect NPII exploit to analyze the features of the website and get a better understanding of our clients’ behavior to provide you with the best service we can. NPII is collected in any case, even if you don’t sign in. NPII includes but is not limited to the following: user’s browser, user’s Internet Protocol ("IP") address, user’s operating system, referral/exit pages, date/time stamp and/or the domain name of Internet service provider. We reserve the right to share NPII with third parties at our discretion.
    We also want to highlight that lenders from our network may check your personal information like your social security number to define your credibility. They may send inquiries to credit bureaus like Equifax, Transunion and Experian and by doing so decrease your credit score. By signing up to this website, you confirm that you are aware of this possible outcome.

  2. Usage and Sharing of PII

    Your PII is collected when you browse through our website. We recognize and respect your privacy and do our best to ensure it taking all precaution methods to correspond to privacy protection acts and other privacy regulations valid in the corresponding state or location.
    Your information is normally used to give a response to your application and establish connection with financial service providers and third party products, services, offers or promotions considering your enquiry. It means that we may share your PII with a third party lender we cooperate with to provide you with the services you have chosen.
    Your PII (excluding SSN and bank details) may also be shared by the Company with the authorized third parties to provide a better consumer support, solve disputes, technical problems and other issues related with our service within the limits of this Privacy Policy. These third parties are bound by the liabilities and cannot share your information with other third parties or exploit the data for any other purpose. We may share some of your PII with agencies, authorized to collect this information via third parties.
    We have the right to share your personal details, if it’s required by legal authorities or if we find it necessary to comply with the legislation of the United States.
    We reserve the right to share your PII with a third party that has acquired our business or a part of it.

  3. Marketing Practices

    By signing up for the website of the Company and continuing using it, you acknowledge that you agree to our marketing practices. That means that you voluntarily agree to receive advertisements, newsletters, messages and any other promotional materials from the Company and third parties that are partners of the Company. The materials are sent via email, direct mail, SMS messages, phone calls, etc. If you want to refuse from receiving this information, you can ask the Company to withdraw your personal data from its opt-out system by sending a request via email. If you want to do this in case of third parties, you should notify them about your decision directly. The Company isn’t responsible for your communication with third parties in this case. The Company is held responsible only for matters it can control.

  4. Data Protection

    For protection of the personal details you submit, the Company uses precaution and security measures that correspond federal law like computer safeguards, secured files and buildings. We strive to enhance our security system by limiting access to your data to third parties we cooperate with and demand from them to follow the rules of our Privacy Policy.
    However, we can’t exclude a possibility of a data leak since we have no control over law violators, viruses, etc. Note to use only secured methods to contact us and send highly confidential personal information of yours.

  5. Third Party Links

    While browsing the Company’s website, you may find information about services of third parties such as links to their websites. This information is indicated only for the purpose of reference. You agree that you use sources of third parties at your own risk.

  6. Privacy Policy Changes

    The Company reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy in its discretion. By changing we mean a possibility of removal, addition or correction of any portion of the current Privacy Policy. By signing up to the website, you admit that you are aware of this possibility. Please, check this section regularly to learn about updates in the Company’s Privacy Policy.

  7. Privacy Inquiries or Complaints

    The purpose of the Company is to ensure that its clients feel secure and comfortable. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, requests, inquiries or complaints, you need to contact the Company directly via email